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Taking the Antisemitism Task Force to the next level

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

“They Can’t” was always a small organization on the cutting edge of the ongoing battle against antisemitism. Over the past 8 months the organization has undergone a dramatic transformation into a formidable task force designed to effectively combat hate online. Rightfully renamed, the Online Antisemitism Task Force (OATF) is ready to confront hate deep inside the web in the chatrooms and platforms of choice for hate groups.

The OATF plans to more than double its budget in 2019 in comparison to what it was in 2018. Beyond budgetary expansion we wanted our followers to get to know some of the new advisers who have joined the OATF over the past 6 months.

Today the OATF has an expanded board of experienced leaders including social media experts such as Lt. Col. Peter Lerner. Heaving headed the IDF’s international press and social media departments, Peter is a master at engaging audiences online and with his insights the OATF will seek to educate and involve wider audiences than ever thought possible.

Eitan Charnoff, is also a veteran of the IDF’s Social Media Department, where he served as an officer overseeing an internal think tank dedicated to crafting online PR strategies for future conflicts. Charnoff is also an experienced fundraiser and organization consultant, who has helped businesses and NGOs raise money from new and sustainable sources, expand their horizons, and measurably enhance their impact. Charnoff has been an integral part of helping the OATF re-brand and grow.

Dr. Dina Lisnyansky, is a professor and academic expert with a deep knowledge of the inner workings of extremist networks with a strong emphasis on radical religious groups in Europe. She has additional knowledge of the behavior of radical groups online. Dr. Lisnyansky's high level knowledge is helping the OATF connect the dots between the tactical expressions of antisemitism -that one can easily encounter online- with the bigger picture and players behind the scenes.

Yael Lerman is an experienced hate crimes lawyer with experience working for the ADL. Today Yael is the legal department director for Stand with Us. Lerman will help the OATF better execute possible legal action as a means to combat the hate our organization encounters and removes online.

The aforementioned additions do not include the extra personnel that the OATF plans to accumulate in the coming months, in order to expand its operations into new languages, territories and operational cadres.

The OATF also plans to delve deeper into the hidden world of the entities promoting Antisemitism online by utilizing more aggressive investigative tools and analysis.

Anti-Semites be warned!

Stay tuned as our operations in the second half of 2019 will be very different than anything you have seen until now.

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