Eliyahou Roth 

Founder and Director

Eliyahou Roth was born in Molenbeek in Brussels and grew up in both Europe and Saudi Arabia. At 29 he moved to Israel.


When Eliyahou told a European friend of his he was in Israel studying "Talmud" the friend was in shock, sending Eliyahou a link to "Talmud" in French Google. 7/10 results where Antisemitic in nature.


Since that moment, Eliyahou has dedicated his life, and his now 12 years of experience in digital marketing, to combating Antisemitism and hate online.

He created the Online Antisemitic Task Force (Formerly called They Can’t) in 2013 after different collaborations resulting in the removal of thousands of Antisemitic videos in French and English.


Leveraging his first-hand experience with Antisemitism on the streets of Europe and the Middle East, the Online Antisemitism Task Force brings the fight to the next level with close to 100,000 forms of content removed in six years!


Eliyahou is married to a Krav Maga/Zumba teacher, who keeps him in shape.

They have four kids together and live in the suburbs of Jerusalem.