Eitan Charnoff 

Deputy Director

Eitan Charnoff joined the OATF in 2019 and is contributing to the organization by helping it more than double its operating budget and by guiding the organization to develop new strategic capabilities.


Eitan has a dual background in both the corporate and philanthropic worlds, playing business development roles in multiple companies as well as in assisting a variety of not-for-profits greatly expand their donor bases and increase their budgets.


In addition to his work with the Task Force, Charnoff also manages a consultancy focused on lending his expertise to support growing companies and NGO’s. Some of Eitan’s clients have included, pro-democracy initiatives, medical technology companies, minority rights organizations, research institutions and international rescue teams.


Eitan is also volunteer medic and firefighter as well as helps run an international rescue team called the Emergency Volunteer Project, dedicated to training and deploying professional rescue personal to disaster zones.


Eitan also has a strong background in public relations, having been a former officer in the IDF’s Spokespersons Unit where he oversaw a team of NCOs dedicated to social media strategy and content production.


Today Eitan lends his experience to help steer the Online Antisemitism Task Force fundraising and organizational vision to reach new partners and deliver new capabilities to make a larger impact.

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