Dr. Dina Lisnyansky 

Academic Expert

Dr. Dina Lisnyansky, a multi-lingual geopolitical expert on Middle East Affairs is a well-known researcher and public speaker on subjects related to Radical Ideologies, Religious Extremism, Terrorism and Security. A veteran of an elite IDF unite, Dina soon became a subject matter expert and consultant of various departments on matters of counter-terrorism in the private and government sectors. Dina is a published author and a contributor to many publications. She is often invited to speak in various Parliaments all over the world, as well as to consult for policy-makers in parliamentary commissions all over the Globe.


She holds a record of high-profile consulting positions and currently is working as a lecturer of Executive MA program for Middle East Studies in Tel Aviv University, and as a lecturer in Ariel University.

Lisnyansky holds a PhD on Islam in the West from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and has two post-doctoral degrees.


Her fight with antisemitism started in 2002, when she began her work as a researcher in a think tank dedicated to study the Arab Media. Later on she became a speaker on the subject of antisemitism in Islam and was invited to speak in the Vatican, the UK Parliament, Oxford University, and many other places on this subject.

Dina is 38, she is married to Ilya and is a mother of three.